They're Mirror Images Which, When We Kiss, Are Perfectly Aligned...

Okay, just because I fucking can, I drew a picture that took me three and a half hours to get to the point it's at now. (It's still not finished, but fuck it.)

I just felt like sharing.

Since I don't know how to put images in my posts, I'll just save it to a website and give you the link:


There, look at it if you have nothing else better to do and you're curious.

Oh, and Jess, remember a loooong time ago when we were on the phone and you were talking about how you'd make a hot purple turtle, and then I said that I drew a picture of you as a hot purple turtle on the computer? Well, I still have it, just for you. :]


(See, I remember things that count.)
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The Freckles In Our Eyes Are Perfectly Aligned...

Finished Harry Potter around 10:45 a.m. Thursday. And I'm still upset over the ending. And yeah, that's right bitches, I cried several times during the last chapter. I'm going to kill that woman, J.K. Rowling. How could she do that again? How could she kill off one of my favourite characters? Again?! First Sirius, now him... Jesus, who's next?

Anyways, got that out, not that I didn't with several other people. I was just reminded of how angry I am since I watched a bio of J.K. for a few minutes a little while ago.

Yeah, not anything new, but since I'm sort of gittery and bouncy (the most I get usually, anyways), I'm going to talk about absolutely nothing in particular that either make no sense or will blow your brain because you couldn't care less. So, I'm warning you, this is just a random post that will bore you to death. Just skip over it. I update this livejournal for me, not for you. :]

So tomorrow, I'm FINALLY going to finish painting my fucking room. I'm tired of looking at the unfinished walls. I wish I had gone darker since I feel so cozy in rooms with dark walls, it just feels like one big enclosure that's all for me. But, I'm stuck with my choice of this light beige thing on three walls, and a medium plum thing whatever on one wall. I'm dying my canopy black (that's right, bitches, I have a canopy), and painting my "lingerie chest" and vanity black and repainting my dresser white 'cause it's all nasty and dirty.

And tomorrow, since I have nothing to do, my mom is taking me to Millenium Mall (I hate that mall, it's so... grr... dull) and Bell's Outlet.... just because.... and I'm hoping that I find some kickass shit there, because I hate both places and I'm only going because I reeealllyyy want new clothes. After that I'm gonna see if I can drag my mom to Goodwill, Community Thrift Store, and this one "boutique" because all three are always worth looking through... Yeahhh...

And my dad talked me into going over to his house tomorrow night and "playing games" with some "company" he's having, whatever the fuck that means. I've been over at his house three times this week, which is an amazingly large amount of time compared to how often I usually am there. He asked me to come over TONIGHT, but I said fucking no because I had other things to do.

And... I'm doing something with Jess finally on Monday because I love her lotslots and haven't been anywhere with her for... well, a pathetically long time and now's as good a time as ever.

But... I keep neglecting my other friends, too. :[ I need to call Becca and see if she wants to do something sometime soon, because she's like my rapebuddy. (And I should stop being a bitch and call Omar, but fucking a., I talk to him little anymore .)

And now I feel a little retarded writing that, I don't know why, maybe because it's so out of character for me.

... My mom is a cunt.


Okay, now it's better.
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Blah blah blah.

I looked up the meaning of "nubblewubblyfoglez" in the official online dictionary (www.dictionary.reference.com), and I have discovered that it means, "no entries found".

I never knew.

My life is now complete.
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We found an old doll that was out on the grass
She had special powers, we set a black mass
We sat in a circle, all holding hands
The doll barely held together with old rubber bands
She'll rise
She'll rise
She'll rise


Lay her down in her gingerbread coffin
She's so pretty, all laid out in white
Lay her down in her gingerbread coffin
When we need her, she'll rise in the light.

Ooohh. I love Rasputina.

And I feel like cutting my hair. ):
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Silence Hurts

Ignore the title. It's random.

I'm feeling bad today, and not just because I didn't sleep off the sleeping pill completely.

I could cry for her.
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Today has been better than most of the days in the past few weeks. I don't feel anything particular right now, except small excitement and rare happiness about something that I'll share later... And growing anxiety for Friday afternoon! Because that's when my springbreak begins. Most people start counting that Monday, but I don't flipping care.... The minute I get home, I start counting.

I can't wait till Friday... Dammit, come sooner..

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